'Sunny Side Up' - Margate Photo Festival 2011
Curator / Project Manager

Working with a small team curate and plan a group show of photographers work from around the world at the Margate Photo Festival.

Tasks: Proposal writing, speaking with festival planners and securing work from artist ready to install in the space. Promotion of exhibition via social media platforms.

Take It Somewhere New 2011
Project Manager

Group show of 13 photographers from the Wandering Bears Collective at Yo-Yo Gallery, Surrey.

Tasks: Organising preparation and collection of images, installation and online promotion of the exhibition via social media platforms.

Objectif Show 2010
Curator / Project Manager

Curator of the UCA, Farnham BA Photography Degree Show at Free Range, London.

Tasks: Leading a group of 45 students to install and curate the show. Along with dealing with construction and equipment leasing companies. Website designer working with with graphic design team to promote the show online.

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